Double Barrel

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Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game with plenty of surprises! This global battle simulator will send you on a wild chase for weapons and resources as you move through a vast map filled with various dangers. The biggest of them is the other players lurking around and waiting to shoot you down if you aren’t cautious enough. To avoid sudden and quick death, you need to take possession of powerful weapons and make sure you aren’t short of ammo. All this can be discovered in multiple locations of the area. Search for stuff to increase your firepower and defense, but don’t forget about safety! The forest is crawling with your opponents and wild beasts and you’re constantly at risk of losing your life. Another thing you should pay attention to while playing Fortnite is resources. A good supply of them can give you a strong edge over the others. With enough wood and stone in your inventory, you can build various structures that will help you survive. And it’s not only about walls and shelters giving you obvious tactical advantage. Immediate means of overcoming obstacles can also be created on the go. For instance, you can cross a river by building a bridge or surpass a natural height by carving a few stairs.

The game also supports several modes offering various tactical possibilities. Aside from Battle Royale that hurls you into the vortex of shooting and fighting, you can try cooperative mode challenging you to survive in the wild environment in teams of four. All modes include a strong component of crafting and base building that bring a good deal of diversity into the gameplay. In the day, you are tasked with guarding yourself from other players. At night, the area is flooded with creepy monsters that raise the level of threat even more. Without providing your group with a sufficient amount of materials to build a safe base and reasonably allotting responsibilities within the team it’s a long shot to try and save your skin under circumstances like that! Stay alert and be ready to use all possible means to last yet another day!

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