Fortnite 2

About game

Welcome to a stunning battle simulator that will set you off against a hundred of opponents right in the spot of the hottest action! You will wedge a heated combat with other players trying to outsmart them on a strategically designed map. Plenty of weapons to choose from will make sure you gain a tactical edge over your enemies. Whether you are a fan of launching an immediate attack on everyone within the shooting range or taking your foes one by one from a safe distance, you will definitely find the right set of equipment to lead a successful combat. Good reflexes are also a must, danger waits on every step. Prepare to guard your life by all means! But that’s not everything the game offers. You can also build a fully fortified base using resources collected in the area and sit out even the most furious attack behind perfectly protected walls! They will also come in handy at night against wild beasts and savage monsters. Fight solo or team up with other players to cooperate on this action-packed, blood-boiling battleground! Valuable rewards and increase in rank will be your prize for victory. Because it’s a real-time game against live opponents, it’s different every time and very unpredictable! You can’t know what happens the next moment and this is the biggest thrill of Fortnite: Battle Royale! Plunge into massive warfare and come out as a winner!

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