Fortnite 2018

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There are games you can play over and over again and Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of them. First of all, the game has no fixed storyline and you can reenter it as many times as you wish, all with a different balance of powers and outcome. Even the maps are generated randomly leaving you completely unaware of what to expect next. You are the one to influence the situation and build your own fate! You and the other 99 players, all thrown together into a fierce combat that unfolds across a large island with plenty of strategical points to capture and use to your advantage.

The game starts with you landing in an area of your choice. You can observe the landscape from the helicopter and decide where to parachute. Then your survival quest begins. Right from the start, you have no weapons or any other instruments, only a pickaxe that you can use to stock up on some materials and also defend your life in case of necessity (after all, it’s better than just your bare hands). But don’t worry, there is a great number of weapons and all sorts of ammo lying around, waiting for you to pick it up. However, you should move fast, before other players lay their hands on the most available stuff.

Resources also play a big part. You can combine them to build structures of various size, complexity and purpose. If you urgently need to cross a gap or rive, you can do it by building a bridge. And if you require to make your way to the mountain top, make a few stairs. Finally, you can surround yourself with powerful walls to prevent the enemies from rushing in and showering you with bullets. As you can see, strategic possibilities are pretty wide. And it’s only up to you how exactly you will utilize them to your own end.

Fortnite supports not only PvP mode, but also coop battle. You can join your friend or even whip up a team of four fighters to try and take on the others as a group. This way, you can benefit from each other’s skills and abilities and divide obligations in the squad to increase your odds in the contest. Regardless of the mode you choose, Fortnite will give you plenty of impressions!

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