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If you enjoy competing against other players in a highly intense battle simulator, than you should definitely check out Fortnite: Battle Royale with cheats for PC and XBox! This amazing military multiplayer will take you on a deserted island where you’ll have to fight for your life with a hundred of other desperate soldiers. You’ll be able to pick a spot where you want to land and descend there using a parachute. Once your feet touch the ground, dash to search for weapons. There are plenty of them scattered in the buildings on the edge of the map. If you get there before other players, chances are high that you’ll end up equipped with a rare set of guns that will give you quite an edge over your less speedy rivals.

However, there is also a degree of risk here. If you dash for weapons right away, you’ll be vulnerable to a sudden attack of your opponents that decided to choose the same tactics. If you aren’t ready to confront heated action right from the very first seconds of the match without fortifying your positions first, it might be more prudent to hide in the forest and wait out, gathering resources and building a base where you will be in comparative safety when someone comes knocking at your door.

Building plays an important role in Fortnite. You can pick up materials just lying around, hidden in treasure chests or dropped by other players when they are killed. Those resources can be used to create just about anything, from bridges and stairs to meet your immediate needs to full-blown fortifications capable of withstanding grenades and missiles. Plunge into the battle and enjoy the thrill!

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