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Imagine yourself roaming around a huge island with no signs of any human residence and a hundred of savage soldiers equipped with all kinds of weapons willing to hunt you down and send you to heavens. This is Fortnite: Battle Royale, a game where you have but one goal – kill or be killed. There can be only one winner and, with the right tactical approach and a tremendous portion of luck, that can be you! Are you ready to do whatever it takes to last in this bloody massacre? Then let’s go with Hacks!

The match start when you fly to the battlefield on a helicopter. You can observe the map in advance and choose the landing spot that seems most advantageous for you. But it’s not just barren land. There are weapons, ammo and other useful stuff scattered all over the area. Knowing where to look, you can loot a highly efficient outfit. Search through the half-ruined buildings at the edge of the forest and don’t forget to check the dead bodies of your opponents – perhaps there is something interesting you can find in their inventory.

The game offers immense tactical opportunities. You can race right into the combat and shake your  enemies’ spirit with your bold attacks or lie in hiding and take them out one by one from afar. You will also benefit from building a fortified base to protect yourself from massive weapons that will otherwise kill you on the spot. Gather various materials to build platforms, stairs, bridges and walls according to your strategic purposes. Good luck!

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