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Epic battles are always cool, and when you participate in them, you are feeling happy. Isn’t it so? If the answer is positive, and you are looking for crazy adventures, which will be safe as well, than the choice of the game is the most appropriate. Fortnite is a splendid sandbox, which allows you to play with different from all over the world, because this game got a lot of fans in every country. Here you can meet real friends, which will help you to achieve important goal, which is set by developers. You can’t imagine how cool it is, when one hundred people, who have never seen each other in reality, are united by one idea and can work for one huge idea.

The main goal here is survival, and you can do it only under one circumstance. You have to explore the location and find necessary resources. You can do it mainly for one huge purpose – you have to build a fortress to hide from numerous enemies, who are hunting for you. At day-time you are safe, and you can move to any place without fear. But when the night comes, the situation alters – you are in constant danger, because you are haunted by monsters, which crave for your death. Your main goal is to fight with those demons and stay alive for as long as possible, and become the last one standing.

If you join in groups, it would be easier to survive, but it would be more difficult to become the last person alive on the battlefield. And it is much more difficult to cooperate inside the group, and you need a strong character, which would be able to make everyone work together and obey his or her orders. So, if you are not ready to become a powerful commander, why don’t you think about a nice fighting strategy? This can be good for every member of your group. You could divide duties, and so everyone would know what he or she should do during day-time, and what they should do at night.

The ultimate surprise is the location, where you are currently staying. The map is generated randomly, and you will never know where you will be the next time, when you load the game. Unlike other games, you can’t choose the map beforehand, and you have to improvise a lot. There are for types of characters, which you may choose, and remember that there are up to one hundred players at the battlefield at the same time, and you have to orient in such crowd and find your place and role, which you will lead. Every type has certain abilities, and you can upgrade them anytime you want, provided you have necessary resources for doing this.

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