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In our comfortable, predictable lives we sometimes lack a few drops of adrenaline and intense impressions. We search for them in the world of online games where we can enjoy an action-packed gameplay and that feeling when our life hangs by a thread yet in the last moment we manage to tip the scales in our favor. If you long for a pastime like that, you should definitely discover the thrills and challenges of Fortnite: Battle Royale! With a hundred of other players, you will land on a huge island where you’ll have to fight for your life with all possible means. The combat will be heated and fierce, so don’t hope that somebody will come and rescue you when things will go tough or spare your life! Everyone else here pursues but one goal: it’s either you or your enemy. There is no safety, there is no guarantee of survival. Danger lurks on every step. Plunge into this fascinating warfare and do everything you can to be the last one standing!

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All against one!

At the beginning of the game, you fly on a plane over an island looking for a landing spot. Scan the landscape and decide where it’s most favorable to parachute to gain a strategic edge over your rivals. Your choice will depend on your play style: whether you prefer open confrontation or sneakier tactics. In any case, your first objective is to pick up some weapons and ammo. Without that, you just won’t stand a chance against the others. The selection of guns is quite impressive allowing you to vary your outfit depending on your abilities and skills. Useful things can be found all over the map, but most of the equipment is focused in desolate buildings at the edge of the woods. However, you should be careful while exploring them. Other players will be out to outfit themselves with weapons as well and you can easily run into them during your search.

Once your are fully equipped, you can either race into action or retreat into the forest and wait out fortifying your base. Dedicate a portion of your efforts to gathering resources that you can use to build different structures. They will come in handy for you both in the heat of the combat – for instance, when you need to quickly put up a barricade in front of you to cover from bullets or build a bridge to get to the other side of a canyon – and for longer-term survival strategy. That is, if you need to fortify your shelter and turn it into a full-fledge camp where you can hold out in case of danger.

Team up and win!

If you don’t like acting solo, you can try cooperative mode which is basically a vast sandbox with a strong component of exploration, resource collecting, camp fortifying and monster fighting. The players are divided into teams of four and have to make smart use of their strong sides to succeed and stay alive. Building is the primary mechanics of the mode, with an enormous amount of loot available for picking up. Players can build and edict each section of their base, create stairs, windows and roofs adapting them to their needs. You can also break the objects of their surroundings to gain resources. When that happens, you’ll be prompted to play a mini-game. Besides, you can create weapons and your skills can be configured through the system of level ups and improvements. The game offers four classes that have different abilities: builder, ninja, commandos and foreigner. You can combine the perks of these characters to better fit your strategy. For instance, builder pays less money for structures and completes them in a shorter timeframe. Besides, he can upgrade buildings that already exist. There are many more tricks and perks Fortnite: Battle Royale has in store for you. Play the game on our site and see for yourself!