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The time when people used to go to the arcade or internet club to enjoy their favorite games are over. Now you can enter a massive warfare competition online in real time right from your iPhone or iPad! Join a heated shootout on a vast deserted island with plenty of weapons to loot and an abundance of resources to equip your base. You’ll have to confront enemies from all over the world, real people staring into their smartphone and tablet screens and making decisions on the fly to render the outcome of the battle completely unpredictable. Can you foresee what happens next in this mess of bullets, explosions and danger? Every move of yours can sway the balance of powers either way and often your survival is only a matter of lucky coincidences. Just a couple of minutes back you thought your position was invincible – and now you’re on the verge of perish. But don’t be frustrated, nobody can tell how the situation will chance for you the next moment! This is exactly what makes Fortnite: Battle Royale so exciting and ensures high replay value. Enter the combat solo, pair up with a friend or gather a team of four to fight shoulder to shoulder and up your winning chances in this adrenaline-packed, danger-ridden arena!

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