Season 6

About game

If you like playing sandboxes, you can try the one, which is called Fortnite Season 6. Here you can meet numerous players from all over the world, and you can survive in the unique world. The graphics here was made with great love and care, and you will notice this unique and incredible art style. The picture is made in 3D style, and you can enjoy the beautiful map, which is generated occasionally, and you can’t predict where destiny will throw you this time. You need to learn to live inside a big group of people, and even cooperate with them, because this is the main point of the game.

There are two parts of the day, which you need to distinguish. The day-time is somehow similar to Minecraft, and during this time you are wandering along the location and trying to find necessary resources. You have to build a strong fortress, because at the night-time you will be attacked by enormous crowd of enemies, and you have to hide inside your fortress to stay alive and survive till the morning, when you will start doing the same thing again: searching materials and building. Also you should put various traps to prevent enemies come closer and create weapon to shoot them. This is so cool to fight against zombies in a randomly generated location that you will love to play this game again and again. And here you need to learn inside a group, because it is always easier to survive in a bi company, where everyone knows about his or her role in the game.

Fighting with monsters and zombies is cool, but not everyone likes such scenario. This is why developers took care about their users and made a special Battle Royale mode, where you can join a group of up to one hundred people, but you shouldn’t join in groups here. You have to take care only of yourself, and the main point here is surviving as well, but here the result is more important, than the process. You have to be the last man standing, and here you should pay attention to tactics and really work hard on your happy future in the end. Here you need to look for various resources and build different objects, which may help you to progress in the game. What is the most pleasant about Fortnite is that you can upgrade your character and make him even better.

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