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Are you ready to cooperate with different people, united by a single goal? Then you should try a super cool game, which is called Fortnite. This is a cooperative sandbox, where you should survive for as long as possible. Also you should collect various resources, and build fortresses, which will help you to achieve the main goal, desired by every gamer. Of course, building and collecting resources is cool, but it is much more interesting to play the survival game, where you have to kill your opponents and try to become the last person alive on the entire battle field. Of course, this is not so easy to do, but you are not looking for ready and easy solutions, are you?

So, if you want to stay for a long period of time in the game, you need to know that if you join in groups, it would be much easier to survive. It would be nice to learn to cooperate inside of the team, and someone may collect peculiar resource, while the other part can construct a fortress out of these materials. You need to have a strong building, because there are a lot of monsters, who want to attack you, and you have to fight with them, and have a place, where you can hide. You can build this building the way you want, and you may change the design according to the principle options, which there parts of the fortress will do. In this way you may find certain similarities with Minecraft, where you have to build, and other games, like Left 4 Dead, where you have to fight with zombies.

You will be surprised that there is no certain location, and it may be constantly changing, and it is generated occasionally, and you can’t choose a peculiar map to live, fight and survive. You will find a big variety of weapon, but mainly it is used for fighting from far away. There are four main classes in the game, and you can choose, whom you want to be more. Remember that every class has got peculiar abilities, and if you want to learn all of them, you should try each of them. You need to know as well that you are able to improve various skills of your character, and all you need is just play and earn game currency, which will help you get certain upgrade. The game contains one hundred players, but soon PvP update will come, where ten people from one team will fight with the same number of people from the opposite team.

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