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Royale battles in Fortnite Tracker Com remain one of the favorite genres of online gamers and Fortnite is a safe choice in this category! Test your skills against a hundred of other players on a huge map where you need to find weapons, build a base and protect yourself from horrible monsters roaming here at night! Pick a spot to land, scavenge for equipment and ammunition, gather resources with your pickaxe and choose the right tactics to eliminate your enemies. The atmosphere will intensify every minute since there is a poisonous mist closing in on you and shrinking the battlefield to push everyone into the epicenter of the fight. So even if you prefer to combat partizan-style, you won’t be able to just hide in the forest until everyone else slaughters each other. You’ll have to step out into the open and put up a fight anyway! Considering that, make sure you’re well-equipped for that. Don’t waste even a minute of your time. If you are persistent and alert (and of course lucky), you have all chances to outlast your rivals and score a victory! But don’t think this is going to be a piece of cake. Fortnite: Battle Royale is no place for faint-hearted! Prove that you are worth to be a winner and do everything you can to succeed!

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